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Trade Show Leads - a Pack of Business Cards and Then ...?

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  • to collect new trade show leads on-site in one single database,
  • to assign priorities to your trade show leads based on your own or pre-defined criteria,
  • to start follow-up activities while still being at the trade show


Your benefits:

  • You can avoid delays in following up your trade show leads - new leads can be normally collected and managed during the trade show,
  • You can avoid the existence of different, non-coordinated contact lists,
  • You will be able to provide trade show leads with additional documents that will be necessary for their sales decision in a timely manner,
  • You permanently will have an overview on how your trade show leads are followed up,
  • You will be able to control the results of your trade show attendance.

Any time, any place! All you need is an Internet connection!


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