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akwiso was developped in more than two years by a group of sales and marketing professionals and has been used by companies and organisations since 2005.

The vision of akwiso is to provide a user-friendly, flexible and powerful online contact lifecycle management tool for sales and marketing activities. Therefore, it was evident to use the Internet as platform and to offer akwiso not as an on-premise software solution but as an online service which can be booked if needed.

Today, approximately 200 customers are using akwiso. - and the number is rising daily...

The focus of akwiso lies on

In addition, call centers and other marketing service providers are using akwiso as platform for their customers.

akwiso is extremely easy to use. If you ever have worked with a database or contact management solution you will be familiar with akwiso within minutes.

Main Menu

Das akwiso-Hauptmenü: Überblick über alle FunktionenAfter your secure SSL login you will reach the akwiso main menu providing all contact lifecycle management functions.

You may “create new records” as well as search for and edit existing records.

In addition, the main menu features your follow-up calendar. Dates marked in red mean, that you have planned follow-up activities (phone calls, emails, etc.) for that date.

By assigning contact lifecycle codes from the akwiso contact lifecycle index you will be able to mark any record with its most current status. Thus, you permanently will have a detailed overview on your contacts. Based on the contact lifecycle codes as selection criteria you may create database lists at any time. .

In addition, you can manage all akwiso users (based on the selected akwiso edition) and assign login data. With these contact data every user can access akwiso from any place with an Internet connection.


Die akwiso Kontaktdatenbank - Kontakte eingeben, bearbeiten, suchen, exportierenContact Database

In the “contact database” section you may import, contact data, manually create new records and search for existing records to be displayed in a contact data list. Every list created may be exported to other applications.

Naturally, you may edit any record by adding or updating contact information or providing a report on the current status and your activities.




Mit der akwiso-Suchfunktion können Sie Kontakte nach unterschiedlichen Kriterien selektierenFollow-up Calendar

As soon as you provide a follow-up date to a database record it will be automatically displayed in the follow-up calendar. The corresponding date will be marked in red. Simply click at the date and akwiso will display a list of records which have been marked to be followed-up on that date.

Off course, all this information will be accessible to all registered akwiso users. Thus, the team collaboration will be extremely facilitated as everybody shares the same information.

For additional information please contact our support team at support@akwiso.com.

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